6 effective tips to get more clients to your salon

By Viraj Nikam


When you achieve your dream of opening your own salon, you want to fill all your chairs with professional skills. However, many new salons always face the problem of how to attract more clients to the salon. Even some experienced salons are also thinking about it. So, I’m going to give you some effective tips for solving the problem.


1. Build brand awareness

The Brand is all about how you present yourself to your clients. You need to include the brand in your marketing, your logo, your business cards, your dress, your behaviour and everything in your salon. Branding helps you to separate yourself from other salons and makes you special. So people will trust you when they hear your salon name.


2. Award customers referrals

The advice of friends and family is more likely to be believed. One satisfied customer can bring you 10 new customers and one dissatisfied customer can even ruin more customers. So, making your every client satisfied is your first step. Even if most clients will spread your name around, but sometimes they are too busy to remember you. So you reward them with some discount or free service if they bring new clients to your salon. I mean who doesn't like free gifts.


3. Partner with other agencies

You can try to offer a discount perk to local companies. And ask them to announce the benefit via email, newsletter or in-office bulletins. So that they are promoting your good service to more people. You can also partner with local nail salon or makeup salons. Building a strong network of specialists who collaborate with one another is a good way to keep clients in a partner circle. But you need to make sure your partner is strong and has good quality beauty experience. Another way to do that is to provide discounted or free service to some charities or local fashion shows, as you’re mentioned as the stylist who did the work. As a result, more and more people are willing to promote you, and it is easier to get more clients.


4. Offer a promotion

People always like getting something for free. Promotions don’t need to be big. A small promotion that can make clients happy is enough. For example, offer a discount on a big festival day. Or give a buy-ten-get-one-free promotion directly. You can also create a deal according to your convenience every day. So that clients will pay attention to your different discounts and prefer to go to the salon on a certain day. Discounts will lower down your profits a bit but you will get a huge number of clients, which will make you earn more.


5. Use social media

Social media is filled with most people’s lives. You can use it to post your work, your salon environment, your promotions and everything you want to present to your clients. What you need to do is sign up many social accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram to share your images and videos. Keep it in mind that place a contact link or number on each platform. You can also let people tweet or message you on Facebook to book their appointment. You’d better set up an online booking software such as Wisor Software, to make booking easier. Social media is a great tool to attract new clients.


6. Make yourself unique

You have to make yourself unique from the rest competitors. Doing things like coming up with a hairstyle or a hair trend that has not been done before or replicating famous hairstyles for your clients will go a long way in promoting your salon even when you are away.